Classes as normal this week


Special Offer for 2014
10 Lessons for 30
(Normally 60)
For New Students Only

Sport Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art and Competitive Sport. Also known as Shodokan & Tomiki Aikido, we are part of the British Aikido Association who follow the teaching of Kenji Tomiki. He founded our system of Aikido by creating a way for his students to test their skills against each other using randori or ‘free practice’ so that they could keep their techniques ‘real’ and effective. There are now many varying styles of Aikido taught throughout the world, however, the basic principles remain the same...

  • The force of any attack is controlled and diffused without injury to either instigator or defender
  • This is achieved by using avoidance and balance breaking followed, if necessary, by techniques including a range of locks and throws.

Many Police forces and military organisations include Aikido in their training because of the effectiveness of its techniques. Aikido is ideal for the less physical to learn as a method of self-defence. It also has other benefits to the student as training progresses:

Improved level of fitness
New self-confidence
Relaxation and stress relief

The friendly environment of the Aikido dojo makes learning this fantastic art a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Yukikan Aikido Club is recognised by the British Aikido Association and feel that Aikido should be for everyone and each class is designed to help you get as much enjoyment out of Aikido as possible.

Want to Join?

Beginners are always welcome and there is no need to start with the beginners course. There is a fee per lesson which is 6 or you can pay 22 per month on Direct Debit. This covers hall rental, wear and tear on our mats and the oft-used first aid kit, neck brace and standby ambulance...:-) After this there are no additional charges since we don't charge for gradings and there is no club "joining fee" apart from BAA Membership which enables you to grade and enter compeitions. See Links page for an application form.

Adult classes are held in West End (Southampton) on Thursday evenings between 8pm and 10pm.

Pub Sessions

After slaving away in the training sessions it is traditional to soothe away those accumulated aches and pains with a few drinks in The Merchant Builder. We regularly meet in the pub Thursday from 10:15pm. Feel free to stop by and join in the fun. Here you can while away the hours listening to tales of old war wounds, bad breakfalls, stupendous techniques, etc., etc.,

Please note that although we are not strict about attendance at training, Pub Sessions are mandatory, and must be attended by EVERYONE! :-)