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Sport Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art and Competitive Sport. Also known as Shodokan & Tomiki Aikido, we are part of the British Aikido Association who follow the teaching of Kenji Tomiki. He founded our system of Aikido by creating a way for his students to test their skills against each other using randori or ‘free practice’ so that they could keep their techniques ‘real’ and effective. There are now many varying styles of Aikido taught throughout the world, however, the basic principles remain the same...

  • The force of any attack is controlled and diffused without injury to either instigator or defender
  • This is achieved by using avoidance and balance breaking followed, if necessary, by techniques including a range of locks and throws.

Many Police forces and military organisations include Aikido in their training because of the effectiveness of its techniques. Aikido is ideal for the less physical to learn as a method of self-defence. It also has other benefits to the student as training progresses:

Improved level of fitness
New self-confidence
Relaxation and stress relief